January 26, 2011

Maggie Cheung Fashion Fail

A lot of people in Asia see Maggie Cheung as the Queen of Fashion.  Many local brands invited her to be their fashion consultant.  HK Fashion Police has yet to understand her special fashion sense, as we spotted silver hair clip, birdnest hairstyle, what-were-you-thinking red sparkly spaghetti-strap dress over black turtleneck and leg warmers in the latest Prada show.  Including a few outrageous fashion display...
what's with the hair clip and hairstyle?!

drape, drape, drape beggar style + birdnest hairstyle
Country-girl style with face-wash headband

January 23, 2011

Going to Disney?

This young lady must be going to Disney with her fancy headwear, spotted on Tung Chung line.


January 19, 2011

Flowery Fascination

HK Fashion Police are always fascinated by Hong Kong ladies' choice of tights and leggings.  Once again, we're shocked to find yet another mind-blowing demonstration!  Pink flowery tights with Timberlands and oversized sweatshirt-like top, topped with a fancy feathery bag!

January 14, 2011

Emergency at Mannings

Help!  Call an ambulance!  This lady is bleeding!  Oh oops, maybe that's why she's at Mannings...

January 12, 2011

Spotted: Another Flintstone


Here's another Hongkie spotted in the MTR displaying a mashup of every possible trend fad known to man: (faux) fur, cropped vest, brights, ruffles, leggings, leopard print, boots and wedges. Way to go...(to MK, that is)!

January 11, 2011

Paw Slippers for Work!

Paw slippers are making a come-back!  This time making their way to Hong Kong offices!  HK Fashion Police jumped for "joy" as this office lady's special edition of toe-peeping paw slippers made a debut as office footwear.

close-up of those jaw-dropping slippers

oh how we miss those lovable warm fuzzy slippers!
remembering the old days...

January 4, 2011

Is that a Stash of Fur around the Waist-line?

Brrr... HK is really getting chilly these days!  HK Fashion Police had a hard time hunting for prey as fellow HK-ers bundled up in puffy jackets.  Hang on a sec, we thought we saw "fashionistas" with their minimal stashes of fur wrapped around their waist-lines to compliment their dropped crotch pants and funky tights.  Ah, how creative!