August 30, 2011

Cartoon Throwbacks!

As recession looms ahead, poor Hong Kongers struggle to stay alive in the aggressive fashion battlefield.  As Heidi Klum says, "In fashion, one day you're in, the next day you're out!"  What can ladies do to stay trendy, young and gorgeous without spending too much?  Forget about botox and plastic surgery, we can barely afford our own homes and the boys are too busy on their iCrap iPhones anyway to notice... Forget about I.T. or L.V, we've already spent our remaining cash on the yearly iCrap iPhones...

These two ladies have set perfect examples on how we can remain hot and sexy with minimal cost.  They presented amazing skills in looking extra young by impersonating the nostalgic Smurfs and Teletubbies characters!  



So there we have HOPE!  Next time if you're a little short on cash, just flip through your old VHS for inspiration.  I'm sure all iCrap iPhone-obsessed sheeple will turn their heads!

August 22, 2011

Leopard at Ritz Carlton

"Hmmm... what should I wear to high tea at the high-class newly-opened Ritz Carlton in town?  This is such an important event that I must wear my top-notch, 'screaming-look-at-me' trendy clothing and footwear that everyone envies!  I simply cannot be discrete about it and must draw attention to myself.  Hmmm... must consult the fashionistas in town!"

"I totally dig Hilary and her friends' fashion style!  This whole lineup is simply MARVELOUS!  I need to remind myself to get that 'I'M NOT A LABEL WHORE!' t-shirt next time I'm in I.T./Izzue!  That will be soooo fun if I wore that on my next shopping trip!  LOL!"  

"OMG!!  There are too many choices, but I think I can never go wrong with the Queen of Fashionistas in Hong Kong - Hilary!  Just look at her stylish hairstyle that matches perfectly with her fiesty leopard one-piece!  I can totally get that look!  With my white MBT sandals that fashionistas worship in town, everyone in the Ritz would want to line up to kiss my matching black toenails!"

"Ta-da!  You see, I totally glow like shiny gold in front of the greeters at the Ritz.  Honey is oh sooo proud!"

August 16, 2011

The Black Troopers

Watch out, people!  The Black Troopers are here!  They are swift!  They are cool!  and oh yes, they are trendsetters of the UNIVERSE!  Are they the "designers" lot?  The I.T. sales lot?  The goth lot?  Or the Dog The Bounty Hunter lot?  God knows... 

These troopers stormed Harbor City as jaw-dropped crowds made way for them during lunch rush hour.  Nobody could stop them to hunt...

... bargains at the trendy LCX!

August 10, 2011

Bucket Sandals

Ranking close to MBT in the list of fierce shoes in recent years are the baggy-wide-mouth-bucket sandals.  Not only are they flattering in attempting to make your legs look extra skinny, but they also make you extra agile!  Imagine mastering the art of walking in buckets, which is way superior than running in 3-inch high heels!  No wonder admirer of all HK ladies, Ms Chan Ho-Wan, flaunted her white bucket sandals with another one of her million million-dollar-Hermes bags as well, making her look extra fierce!

They even come in a variety of choices:
From space-ship style...
To flower-pot/vase style...

Why not try combat-cheapo style now that we'll soon be in budget-cut combat mode...

And hey, with the world going crazy with riots, it won't hurt hiding a buck or two in them shoes for emergencies!