May 16, 2011

bohemian headbands

Watch out, the boho look is back!  Except it's hard for fashion police to determine whether those are boho headbands or just mega rubber bands, or skinny headbands worn over your forehead?!  A little smoothing serum to the hair will be advisable to avoid that "just out of the madhouse" look... oh wait, they might just be out of the mega-madhouse of I.T.!  So, get that look ready, it's not long before Halloween!


May 1, 2011

Minimum Length of Socks

As Hong Kong's minimum wage becomes effective today, we'd say a better law to impose is minimum length of socks when wearing sandals... especially those fad MBT and supposedly "healthy" sandals and sneakers trendy ladies like to wear in town.  Oh the hell, a ban on all MBT would be a better solution, who's with us?