April 26, 2012

Omen Tights

After a 3-month hiatus, we are glad to be back to the fashion police world!  Our fashion police radars are blaring as we welcome the heat and humidity back to our beloved city.  Residents start shedding their thick black camouflage and don colorful tops, drop-crotched and tights!

Fashion bloggers of the world have been gaping at the lastest trend - ombre tights! 

Ombre tights are truly works of art!  Okay, okay, these slender long legs make them look ten times better, but still the natural gradation of color is soothing to the eyes...

Here on this tropical island, we have a smart twist to ombre tights, we call it "I-just-stepped-into-a-swamp" adaptation.  Not surprisingly, Hong Kong people love to add cherries of top of everything!  This lady here was spotted adding argyle socks on top of her wonderful "ombre" tights.  The effect is almost psychedelic!

Interestingly enough, this picture was taken before the news of the famous local sock shop in Causeway Bay forced to close down because of high rent (rumored to be $150,000). 

We'd say, the introduction of ombre tights is really an omen to the Hong Kong fashion world.  To that effect, ombre tights are now officially coined OMEN TIGHTS!