July 25, 2011

Translucent Dresses - The Next Fad?

How can one stand out in the sea of creative fashion in Hong Kong - MBTs, dropped-crotch, striking color-blocks, polka dots... ?  We found the answer in this lady, pioneering the potential fad of translucent clothing in the crowded streets of TST. 

While we were in awe of her denim shorts, black belt and black bra under a sexy lace translucent dress, we appreciated her consideration not to turn the dress front-to-back (only the back of the dress was translucent).  That will definitely cause some major traffic accidents or uncontrollable groping in the MTR...  and what's better than giving BIG pleasant surprises for those who turned their heads to check out this lovely lady twice!

This other lady apprentice in Central should give mini-shorts a shot next time.  Why layer yourself in long pants and conservative top when you could show your assets in this long translucent cardigan/dress?

Who wants to bet?  It is just a matter of time that the next translucent dressers in Hong Kong will go all the way like these pretty models.  Next time you see one, recollect youself, stop drooling and submit your photo to HKFP for a surprise gift!

July 21, 2011

Oompa Loompa-ly Polka-licious!

Some call it fate, others call it co-incidence.  We'd like to call it "the HKFP fan club".  HK Fashion Police constantly bump into repeat offenders that we love to hate.  These people must be big fans of HKFP that they try their every way to stalk us, to fight for a chance to be the star of the day!

Remember this PDD?  This time we spotted him in TST in the same green polka dot pants with an equally eye-pooping, *oops* eye-popping buddy.

Green PDD was proudly showing off the trendiest Jeremy Scott x Adidas teddy bear sneakers with the latest iPad on hand amongst ooohs and aaahs.  "OMG! Aren't those cute?"  "Isn't that the LATEST iPad 2?!?! OMFG!!" 

While Green PDD was strutting his stuff, Grey PDD took care in checking out his delicate self in the mirror to ensure his nappy dropped-crotch pants stayed in elegant shape as he put his hand in his pocket.

Who knew, maybe we will bump into them again - in oompa loompa suits or those really funky Jeremy Scott track suits!