October 16, 2012

Jesus is Back with Flying Colors!

And... we're back!  Apologies to our dear readers who have been starved for almost six months!  HK Fashion Police-men and -women were engaged in a number of career enhancement activities during the long break:  applying for secret dropped-crotch-arrest service, training for discrete-crime-scene-photo-taking, practicing disguise-your-distaste, mastering the art of resistance-to-punch-MBTers-in-the-face... so here we are HK Fashion Police: Season 2!

During this six month long break, HK Fashion Police continue to witness many fashion criminals begging for arrest.  Fortunately, we are happy to say there is a drop in dropped crotch pants in town and we can finally steer away from those hateful (and we are sure readers are bored by now) dropped crotchers.  We wondered if the trend has migrated?  Would love to hear from overseas readers!

We would like to make amends for our extended absence by spreading the news that Jesus is alive and back with Flying Colors!  To get up to speed with all the smartphone zombies in town, Jesus was also spotted busily typing away on his crackberry, which is oh-so-freaking-awesome!  And right in front of Burberry - Bless him!

Here is a closer look of our colorful Lord's son:

Now don't forget to say your prayers tonight, the Lord has answered your previous prayers, Jesus is back and so are we!

April 26, 2012

Omen Tights

After a 3-month hiatus, we are glad to be back to the fashion police world!  Our fashion police radars are blaring as we welcome the heat and humidity back to our beloved city.  Residents start shedding their thick black camouflage and don colorful tops, drop-crotched and tights!

Fashion bloggers of the world have been gaping at the lastest trend - ombre tights! 

Ombre tights are truly works of art!  Okay, okay, these slender long legs make them look ten times better, but still the natural gradation of color is soothing to the eyes...

Here on this tropical island, we have a smart twist to ombre tights, we call it "I-just-stepped-into-a-swamp" adaptation.  Not surprisingly, Hong Kong people love to add cherries of top of everything!  This lady here was spotted adding argyle socks on top of her wonderful "ombre" tights.  The effect is almost psychedelic!

Interestingly enough, this picture was taken before the news of the famous local sock shop in Causeway Bay forced to close down because of high rent (rumored to be $150,000). 

We'd say, the introduction of ombre tights is really an omen to the Hong Kong fashion world.  To that effect, ombre tights are now officially coined OMEN TIGHTS!

January 17, 2012

Wo(w)-Man Bags

Belated Happy New Year, dear FP readers!  Wishing everyone a strong, healthy and successful year braving another year of eye-sore fashion in town!  What is a good topic to start the new year?  We are pretty sure readers are tired of our drop-crotch and MBT posts, so why not start with something that we all love to hate - Man Bags!  I know, I know, man bags are old phenomenons and they have been given enough spotlight since we spot fashionable asian men slinging LV and Gucci small satchel man bags over their shoulders in the 90s.

Since then, all the mega brands started designing man bags for this new market.  These bags are generally small, functional and "man"ly.  However, we see this business quickly dissolving as man starting toting WO-man's bags lately.  We think these men are highly intelligent as they are quick to realize the great benefits of toting woman's bags:

1)  This can greatly enhance relationships as we can imagine couples engaging in bag-swap sessions, discussing the latest bag trends over a cup of tea and crumpets! 
2)  Men can save themselves from carrying their other halves' lady bags since they already have theirs to look after! 
3)  A visit to the Milan Station store will now be a treat rather one of those endless waiting-for-the-wives-outside-store chore!
4)  Investment in luxury bags is more worth it as it achieves maximum utilization between couples!
5) "Women and their bags" will be a saying of the past.  Go "Boy" power!

These fellas below are perfect examples of the wo(w)-man bag revolution.  So start revolutionalizing your ad campaigns, LVs and Guccis!  Remember to include men in your handbag promos, before they start demonstrating in your store fronts for wo(w)-man bag discrimination!

via electricsekki.com