March 18, 2011

Hilary Tsui: Exquisite corpse

Eclecticism is out - Exquisite Corpse is in. Turn yourself into a Surrealist experiment. Hilary Tsui shows you how to play:

Before you decide what to wear, ALWAYS pick your shoes first. This is the number one rule - you ought to be standing butt naked by your shoe closet. Preferably pick a pair that you can't walk very well in.
Secondly. Your lower garment should be determined by your sponsor. It doesn't matter if your sponsor makes clothing aimed at sugar buzzed fat kids with e-number propelled attention deficit disorder - they pay you to advertise this shit, and besides, some people think that the butt and legs are the most unattractive features of a woman.
Thirdly. The upper part of your look has to show that the bottom half of your full-length mirror snapped and broke off - so make it good. If you really must coordinate, then carry with you a large cardboard cone with the same colours as your pants.

When  you put everything together, it's not bad ... but not good either.

Anyhow, it's not the result that counts, it's about the process - a fun game that all the family can play. You can all look like that kid at kindergarten who accidentally wet her/himself, and the teacher had to dig out some costume trousers from the school play cupboard for you.

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