October 16, 2012

Jesus is Back with Flying Colors!

And... we're back!  Apologies to our dear readers who have been starved for almost six months!  HK Fashion Police-men and -women were engaged in a number of career enhancement activities during the long break:  applying for secret dropped-crotch-arrest service, training for discrete-crime-scene-photo-taking, practicing disguise-your-distaste, mastering the art of resistance-to-punch-MBTers-in-the-face... so here we are HK Fashion Police: Season 2!

During this six month long break, HK Fashion Police continue to witness many fashion criminals begging for arrest.  Fortunately, we are happy to say there is a drop in dropped crotch pants in town and we can finally steer away from those hateful (and we are sure readers are bored by now) dropped crotchers.  We wondered if the trend has migrated?  Would love to hear from overseas readers!

We would like to make amends for our extended absence by spreading the news that Jesus is alive and back with Flying Colors!  To get up to speed with all the smartphone zombies in town, Jesus was also spotted busily typing away on his crackberry, which is oh-so-freaking-awesome!  And right in front of Burberry - Bless him!

Here is a closer look of our colorful Lord's son:

Now don't forget to say your prayers tonight, the Lord has answered your previous prayers, Jesus is back and so are we!

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